When you become a wholesale customer, you may purchase bulk orders directly from Chenna Baree, or you can refer people to our website with your Affiliate or Promotion code. Chenna Baree will calculate your commission for all referrals using your codes and keep track of what is owed to you. Your wholesale dashboard is where you can go at any time to see exactly what has been purchased, what has been paid, and what is owing to you.

Wholesale prices are set at 50% of Chenna Baree’s retail prices. Commission on customer referrals who purchase directly from our website is set at 40%, which you can share with your customers. Commission is compensated as store credits, which you can apply the next time you place an order.

Q. Do I qualify as a wholesale customer?
A. If you have a physical storefront, plan on ordering shoes from us, carrying inventory and selling to your own customers then you are a Wholesaler. If you only refer people to our website or take orders for your customers, then you are an Affiliate. If you have questions please give us a call. You can change your role any time by contacting us.

Q. How do I purchase at wholesale prices?
A. Simply go to the website like any customer would. Prices will be discounted when you log in.

Q. What is the difference between an Affiliate and a Promotion code?
A. An Affiliate code or Affiliate URL (to be used in online promotion) is how we know the order is from you and you therefore get your commission. A promotion code does the same thing, but in addition allows you to give your customers a portion of your commission in the form of a discount.

Q. Can I offer my clients a discount?
A. Yes, you can divide your credits between you and your clients in any way you choose using a promotion code. Examples are given below. It is a good idea to use promotion codes to offer your customers a discount if you refer them to our website. This will motivate them to use your promotion code.

Q. Can I offer a one time or seasonal special?
A. Yes, contact us and we will create a promotion code for you to use.

Q. How are store credits used?
A. As a Wholesaler, when you place a bulk order at checkout you will be presented with the option to use your store credits as payment or partial payment.

Q. What happens to my commission when Chenna Baree offers on-line discounts?
A. Your commission is calculated based on the price the customer pays before your promotion code is used. You therefore get the maximum comission.

Example 1

A customer you refer purchases 1 pair shoes from the Chenna Baree website. You gave that customer a 10% discount.

Customer pays $73.80, which is $82 retail less $8.20 (your 10% discount). As a Wholesaler your account gets credited with $24.60. That’s $32.80 (40% commission) less $8.20 (10% that you offered the customer).

Example 2

A customer you refer purchases 3 pair shoes from the Chenna Baree website. You offer that customer a 10% discount. Chenna Baree also offers a 10% discount for purchase of 3 pair.

Customer pays $199.26, which is $246 retail less $24.60 (Chenna Baree discount) less $22.14 (your 10% discount). Chenna Baree sells for $221.40, which is $246 retail less $24.60 (10% quantity discount). So your commission is based on $221.40.

As a Wholesaler your account gets credited with $66.42. That’s $88.56 (40% commission) less $22.14 (10% that you offered the customer).

Example 3

After referring 6 customers to the website, 3 who purchased 1 pair and 3 who purchased 3 pair (examples 1 and 2), you place an order for 10 pair for your inventory.

As a Wholesaler, you pay $136.94. That’s $820 (10 pair at retail) less $410 (50% discount) less commission credits of $273.06 (3 @ $24.60 plus 3 @ $66.42).

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We offer discounted shipping anywhere in North America for a flat rate of $10.00 no matter how many items you purchase. In Canada we ship expedited post. In the USA we ship small parcel air mail. Note: Small parcel airmail to the US does not provide tracking information.

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Returns and Exchanges

Our number one priority is to have happy customers. If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, let us know by emailing us at info@Chennabaree.com.

You may return your item within 3 months of purchasing for a full refund. If you wish to exchange your purchase, let us know by emailing us at info@Chennabaree.com .

You may return the item for an exchange within 3 months of the date of purchase. We will issue you a partial refund to cover shipping costs.

Privacy Policy

Chenna Baree will operate according to well established standards with respect to the handling of your personal and financial information. We do not share, distribute or sell your personal information. We do not store financial information. In order to take payments, we integrate with third party agencies that are set up to store and manage financial information. It is your responsibility to read their privacy policies and terms of service.