Winter warmers


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Winter warmers


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Winter Warmer Insoles – by Ortho-Natural

Made right here in New Brunswick, they make the perfect holiday gift that says you care about quality, about how things are made, about the environment, and about your feet where you spend most of your day.

Why these Winter Warmers are the best winter insoles you will ever buy:

  1. They are made of pure wool. Nothing beats wool for warmth even when wet.
  2. Winter Warmers offer full contact support for more comfort and more insulation.
  3. They won’t compress like soft sheepskin and fluffy felt insoles.
  4. They are made right here in Canada using the highest quality pure wool felts available.
  5. They are made using our proprietary molding methods developed by an orthopedic shoemaker.
  6. They are completely earth friendly and won’t add to the burden of plastic fibers killing our oceans.

Purchase with confidence! You are going to love them!