River Runners -Orders Taken (Deposit $10.00/ Final $135)


Get on the production list for spring 2020! Delivered price $135.00

River Runners.  Hand crafted in Canada.  Super lightweight. Puncture resistant. Fire resistant sole. Full conductive sole option.

Womens 36-41 (6.5-10) .   Mens wide 42-46 (8.5-13).

Make a deposit, send me your usual size information (American atheletic, EU, or length and girth measurements). Full refunds prior to taking them home. I will touch base individually as production is in progress.



An outdoor slipper, River Runners are hand made with our hand laminated Aramid (Kevlar) and Natural Rubber sole which is completely unique to us.  They are super lightweight as can be seen in the picture, completely mimimal and a fantastic shoe for camping and use on the water etc. The super thin sole is very puncture resistant and fire resistant, and are like walking barefoot with a feeling of security. A conductive version of the sole will be offered and you will be given a choice when your order is being processed. Funky colored uppers are fun and unique.  Pre-orders are being taken at this time. Production is scheduled to begin in May 2020.  Smaller sizes (EU 36-41) are being fulfilled first. Larger sizes are expected to mainly be for men and are going to have extra width dimension for wide feet.  Full refunds will be issued any time by request prior to delivery.