Ortho Natural Summer Breathers


Summer Breathers replace the plastic liners that come with your shoes and create a healthier, more comfortable environment for all the time you are in your shoes. Recommended for all your footwear, Summer breathers are durable, washable  and environmentally responsible.

¨ Perfect replacement liners for popular footwear

¨ Great for going without socks in the summer

¨ Cool in summer warm in winter

¨ Natural wool fibers allow feet to breathe

¨ Self Conforming to high pressure areas

¨ Naturally anti-microbial odor control

¨ Made from Canadian Wool and Natural Tree Rubber (Latex)

We recommend buying at least two pair so you can swap them around when they need a wash.

Hand washing with hair shampoo is the best way to wash them.  Why shampoo? Shampoo is a better choice  because it is designed for hair, and wool is  hair!To avoid shrinkage, wash in lukewarm water and allow to air dry.

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