Ortho-natural insoles


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Ortho-natural insoles


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These are high intrinsic value insoles. That means that they are made from high value, high cost materials and are finely crafted here in Canada by people with a deep knowledge of orthotic solutions for feet.

We believe that Chenna Baree ortho-natural insoles should be on the shelves as an ethical alternative to plastic insoles being sold in many stores.

You will choose from two different top felts: German Marino or Canadian Griege.

German Marino wools are colorful, light, soft and the most moldable. These felts are certified to have no harmful substances (OEKO-TEX® certified). They are slightly thinner than the Canadian Griege, and they are your only choice if you want the gorgeous colors.

Canadian Griege (un-dyed natural) is made from Canadian Wool. It is a high density hard wearing felt with a high lanolin content. It is exceptionally breathable. Though it takes longer to mold, it holds its shape well.