Ortho-natural insoles


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Ortho-natural insoles


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Hike and Walk in Natural Comfort

Peoples feet are often hot, sweaty and uncomfortable. Being in constant contact with synthetic materials that don’t breathe is part of the problem. Ortho-Natural is the worlds first and only molded insole using high quality natural materials. Let your feet feel nature again, breathe and be happy.

Why wool?

Wool is one amazing fiber! In the past it was the most important fiber for use in outdoor adventures because of its unique properties. It is highly breathable, naturally anti-microbial, keeps you warm when wet, cool in the summer and takes the shape of your foot as your wear it. Synthetic fibers have the advantage of being light weight, inexpensive and easy to mass produce. But they simply don’t compare to wool.

Main Features
  • ethically made in Canada by us!
  • 100% wool high quality felts, natural biodegradable rubber & jute
  • proprietary orthotic mold
  • highly breathable
  • auto moldable – the more you wear them, the more they conform
  • naturally anti-bacterial/anti-microbial (don’t stink)
  • warm in the winter
  • cool in the summer, barefoot friendly
  • full sizes for accurate fit
  • completely biodegradable, no plastics added to the landfill

Care and use

Use your new insoles to replace the liners that come with your shoes for a truly custom fit and naturally breathable experience. You can hand wash your insoles as often as you like, using cold or lukewarm water, soap or hydrogen peroxide and a light scrub. Let them air dry. Do not put them in the dryer or subject to heat. This will cause the wool to shrink.