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Chenna Baree Shoes are flexible, fun, earth conscious shoes, made to be worn at work, at home and at play. They are evolved from Kung Fu training shoes worn by Shaolin monks. They are super fun, super flexible, super practical, ethically made, and earth friendly.

Our Shoes have no gimmicks. They are honest, simple shoes inspired by tradional farming and Kung Fu shoes, that have been made for over 80 years without changes. They are a testimony to the idea that foot freedom is part of good foot health.

What makes them earth conscious?
First: Our uppers are made from Linen, otherwise know as Flax. Compared with cotton, Linen uses a fracton of the water and pestcides needed to grow cotton. There are many other environmental benefits to using flax including its traditonal use as ahealthy seed, high in Omega3 Fatty acids. In addition, Linen is grown in Canada! Did you know that according to FAOSTAT of the United Nations, Canada ranks 3rd in the world for Linen production as of 2020.

What else?  Chenna Baree shoes are made with Natural, biodegradable rubber. That’s right, our rubber is harvested from trees, dried, and processed into the rubber you see in our shoes! Our shoes are a responsible environmental choice.

Chenna Baree’s Earth Conscious Technology employs the use of premium quality sustainable materials to replace plastic alternatives.

Sporting an eco-friendly design, Chenna Baree’s Earth Conscious shoe is made with linen uppers and natural, biodegradable rubber soles.

The Earth Conscious shoe by Chenna Baree is low to the ground and super flexible for good foot health.

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“Fantastic quality I am so impressed with these. I wear them in my Blundstone style boots everyday.“


"To put it simply these are the BEST insoles for back country skiing you can find."

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Earth Conscious Innovation

Innovative Research and Design

Proprietary techniques, methods, and designs.

Natural materials

Thinking about the environment every step of the way, our all natural products are a solution to plastic pollution.

Comfort and Conscience

All-natural materials are the best way to feel good about feeling good.

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