When you post something, tell the truth. Say for example ” Here is a project I am supporting that I really love. I’m hoping the project succeeds, so check it out and help to share it if you like it!”   


Don’t say things that sound like an advertisement. For example don’t say “Hey, these shoes are really hot! Get them now by clicking the link!”  That kind of message turns people off. People want to know that YOU love them, not that you expect them to love them. 

The simplest thing to do is to share the referral link. You can find this link in an email you received from Kickstarter. 

  1. Copy the link
  2. Past the link into a Facebook post or an email
  3. Delete the link showing above the image if you are doing a Facebook post
  4. Write some text saying that you feel comfortable with. Try to be authentic. 
  5. Post it

It’s good to keep posts fresh, so and easy way to post more than once with fresh content is to grab images and text from the website. 

  1. Go to
  2. save any image to your computer
  3. Put that image in an email or facebook post. If you are sending an email it usually works best to drag the image into the email. Past the link into the email, or if you want to get fancy, highlight the image and add a link to the image.  In facebook, just paste the link after you attach the image to the post. Facebook won’t let you directly link an image with a URL.
  4. Add the text that you are comfortable with and send!



There are lots of images on the website. Feel free to use them. Use any of the text you want to as well. Anything you do to support this campaign will be Greatly Appreciated!  Thanks!

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